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Malaysia Commemorative Coins Available for Sale !

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issued many commemoratives coins since 1960s until today.

*(Click here to view the list of Malaysia Commemorative Coins.)

These commemorative coins are all very attractive, valuable yet affordable and it's now available for SALE ! Coin collectors, here's your lucky day ! 

Consist of : 1990 Malaysia 1 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen, 50 sen and 1 Ringgit. 
Mintage : Unknown, but rare (1 sen and 1 Ringgit is no longer issued and used)
(Price : RM10 per set and RM15 for 2 sets)

2. Sukan SEA XXI SEA Games 2001

A) Cupro-Nickel
Mintage (pieces) : 10,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Cu 75 Ni25
Diameter (mm) : 33.7
Weight (gram) : 16.8
Shape : Round & Milled

(Price: RM10)

B) Proof Silver (with cert)
Mintage (pieces) : 3,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Silver 925.5 Cu7.5
Diameter (mm) : 35.7
Weight (gram) : 21.00
Shape : Round & Milled

(Price: RM120)

A) Nordic Gold
Mintage (pieces) : 10,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Cu 89 Zn5 AI5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 30.0
Weight (gram) : 9.16
Shape : Round & Milled
(Price: RM8)

B) Proof Silver and Gold set of 2 (with cert)
Approved Mintage : 1,000
Face Value : RM21.00 

(Price: RM180)

4. 50th Years of Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) 2006

Nordic Gold
Mintage (pieces) : 10,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Cu 89 Zn5 AI5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 34.0
Weight (gram) : 15.5
Shape : Round & Milled

(Price: RM8)

5.50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Royal Malaysian Air Force

Nordic Gold
Mintage (pieces) : 10,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Cu 89 Zn5 AI5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 30
Weight (gram) : 8.80
Shape : Round & Milled

(Price: RM8)

Nordic Gold
Mintage (pieces) : 10,000
Face Value (RM) : 1.00
Alloy : Cu 89 Zn5 AI5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 30
Weight (gram) : 8.80
Shape : Round & Milled

(Price: RM10)

Nordic Gold
Approved Mintage (pieces) : 15,000
Face Value (RM) : 1
Alloy : Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 10
Weight (gram) : 8.80
Shape : Round with milled edge

(Price: RM10)

So, WHERE can i purchase it !?
Bank Negara Malaysia's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (BNMLINK) address :
BNMLINK (Laman Informasi Nasihat & Khidmat)
Ground Floor, Block D
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur

...and its branches located in Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.(Or maybe BNM Exhibition areas...)

*Remember: All of these items are limited. Make sure you contact BNM to check on the availability of the stock before you come to BNMLINK to make your purchase.

Contact info : 
Telephone : +603 2698 8044 / 9044 (ext: 7417 /7390)

Don't miss out these limited coins! Grab yours today at your nearest Bank Negara Malaysia's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (BNMLINK) and its branches located in Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. 

For more details, log onto Bank Negara Malaysia official website .

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Largest Coin in the World

(Above: Canada pure gold 1 million coin, photo by Xinhuanet)

Canadian $1 million pure gold 

It weighs 100 kg !!!
It worth 2.4 million USD !!!
(because it is made of 99.999% gold bullion)

The story behind this coin ?

Free ebook Coin Collecting for Dummies 2nd Edition

The world's most expensive coin.

(Above: Photo of US gold double eagle from about.com)

U.S. Gold Double Eagle, Saint-Gaudens type 
it cost about 7.5 million USD !!!

Specification (wikipedia)
  • Obverse Design: Lady Liberty holding the Torch of Freedom and an olive branchwith the United States Capitol in the background
  • Reverse Design: A Bald Eagle flying over the sun
  • Edge: Lettered with 'E Pluribus Unum' and stars
  • Weight: 33.436 grams (516 grains) (1.075 troy ounces)
  • Diameter: 34 millimeters
  • Thickness: 2 millimeters
  • Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
  • Gold Content: ~30.093 grams (464.4 grains) (0.9675 troy ounces)

Why does it worth that much?

The First and Oldest coin in the world

(Above: Front view)
(Above: Back view)

The Lydian Lion coin !

Lydian electrum trite
 (4.71g, 13x10x4 mm).
This coin type, made of a gold and silver alloy, was in all likelihood the world's first, minted by King Alyattes in Sardis, Lydia, Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), c. 610-600 BC. It can be attributed, among other ways, as Weidauer 59-75 (Type 15).

- Continue here -
Adapted from 

What is Fantasy coin, Wavy step or Die trail coin and Pattern coin ?

(Photo: An Anime Animated series)

Difference between Fake and Fantasy coins
Fake coins are counterfeit and forgery coins.

It is made illegally. 

Let me make this clear to you. Fantasy coins aren't totally Fake coins ! 
Many misunderstood this. 

Here are a few types of collect-able, not totally "Fake" coins  :

Die trials or Wavy step coins can be considered as handicap coins. In simple terms, there are errors on the coins. In the early years, pre-1800, die trials were struck to test the dies. In later years, the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s most were deliberately struck for sale to collectors often in complete sets.

Fantasy coins are different. It is sometimes said as coins that are impossible to get because it is too expensive or too rare. That's not the actual meaning.
It's is made legally by the authorities, requested by certain collectors.
"Fantasy Coins include unexpected pairings of mis-matched dies made by Mint officials to create artificial rarities for personal gain or at the request of collectors.  Fantasy Coins include the so-called "Restrikes" that were made outside the Mint from discarded dies, often combining dies of different types and vastly different dates." coinfacts.com

Pattern coins are coins which has not been approved for release, produced for the purpose of evaluating a proposed coin design.

Helpful links :


While i was counting my coins...

Well guys, i actually found a few dirty coins, fake coins and even 
antique coins in my cute little piggy bank.
(Aww, so cute)
So, i wanna share it with you guys.

Check this out :

Do you know that there were plenty Fake coins in this mountain of coins ?
Take a look at the Malaysia 20 cents, old series (Year 1976 and 1987). 

Do they look the same? Yes, they do. 

But let me tell you this, one of them is a Fake coin !
How do i know which one is Fake? It's simple, just check its weight. 

There are other ways to identify whether it's Fake. 

See those lines? Some coins have these sidelines 
at the edge (some calls it Coin Tooth)
This is the Malaysia 20 cent, old series (Year 1987). 

Now take a look at the other coin below.

No lines! Don't believe me? Take a closer look.
Could you see that? No? Then you have got to check your eyes, 
because there really is no lines at the side.

Note: You can check it's weight to make sure it's a Fake coin.

Well, don't go running around telling people that 
you found a fake coin because it don't have lines at the side.

Remember this, not every coin 
that don't have lines at the edge is fake.

Sometimes the coin might be too old 
and the lines had disappeared throughout the years.  

That's all for today. Thanks for reading :D

1...2...3......and finally 100+ coins!

Okay, i know the title sounds a little childish, but the fact is
I really counted all my coins one-by-one and it took some time...

See, that's a mountain of Malaysia 10 cents coins 
that worth about 100 ringgit !

I kept all my coins in my cute little piggy bank
(the piggy bank below is my mum's. Mine is much more ugly)
Can you imagine how much coins can that pig keep?
it can store up to 100 coins (about RM 150) 
see those coins above? those were keep in the pig for a year!

There is one Malay Proverb
"Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit"
(little by little, soon will become a hill)

If you're planning to keep your coins,
don't ever keep all of it together in a container.

Why? because the bad quality coin (example: rusty)
will effect the good qualities ones.

It's best to keep all your coins in an Album, 
just like mine and i labeled all the details neatly.

I'll show you guys how i organize my album later.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading :D

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